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Optimization and automation of business processes

Unclear and untraceable business processes can significantly decrease the efficiency of a company. In these cases, it is necessary to introduce an automated workflow system, which can be used to optimize document management, and to make the related workflows easily traceable.​

To reduce business risks by transparent operation
To control complex business processes
To increase customer satisfaction by more effective operation
Do you have any difficulties?

Do you have any difficulties?

  • You do not have documented organizational processes?​
  • Has the efficiency of your work decreased?​
  • Do you have a lot of unnecessary steps in your processes?​
  • Is everybody overloaded, is there a lack of staff?​
  • Do you find the information you need only after a long search?

It is the well-structured, logical and efficient processes that are worth automating. Our aim is to optimize and provide the IT support of the value-adding processes of our customers by a process automation software solution built on Oriana Low-Code platform.

The solution

The Oriana Low-Code platform is a Hungarian-developed low-code development platform with a powerful built-in workflow engine, which supports application development with a constantly expanding, rich feature set and pre-made application blocks. The platform is constantly expanding, the number and functionality of prefabricated application blocks is increasing year by year.

The Oriana Low-Code platform, as a BPM (Business Process / Workflow Management) tool, enables fully digitized, optimized operation. The purpose of the tool is to support business processes, make them controllable and cost-effective by automating them.

Project management

What is PCM?

PCM (Project and Capacity Management System) supports project-based operation by providing continuous monitoring so that the projects can be delivered below the planned cost level and by the deadline. Another benefit is that it can optimize the resource capacity management by creating capability-based resource needs with the suitable resource allocation, while it can provide transparency and internal control by managing and analyzing the time spent on each project.

More about PCM


With the technology based on the Oriana Low-Code platform and with its unique development methodology, customized business applications can be made faster, cheaper and easier than ever.

Robust functionality
Easy integration
Platform independence
Visual modeling
Document and content management
Standard and ad hoc process definition
Low Code platform

Low Code platform

What is a Low-code platform?

A Low-code platform is an innovative software solution, which provides – instead of traditional, manually coded programming – a software development environment used to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configurations. You can create complete applications by this, however, in some really specific cases; some coding may also be required for the development.

  • The need for traditional, manual coding is reduced by a Low-code platform, thus allowing the creation of faster and more cost-effective applications.​
  • A Low-code platform also provides quick response time to adapt to the required changes.​
  • When a new product is launched, there is a short time to market.​
  • The completed applications can easily be integrated into the existing systems.​
  • A Low-code platform is very flexible, adaptable, and scalable.


The business aspects of Oriana Low-Code platform

Due to the optimization and automation of processes, the introduction of an Oriana Low-Code platform-based system will provide your organization with these opportunities:

  • The development of clear tasks, responsibilities and competences will result in transparent and verifiable work​
  • Document management processes (offers, contracts, tender materials, invoices and documents, etc.) will be optimized and traceable
  • Data required for the work will be available to everybody
  • Operation will be effective out of the office as well
  • The specific operation of your company can be developed easily and quickly​
  • The amount of administration will not go beyond what is necessary and sufficient, which will simplify the internal operation​
  • There will not be any unnecessary, manual or administrative steps in your processes, and this will enable the staff to focus on works that generate value​
  • Different business areas and organizational units will cooperate well, thus making them more effective​
  • Decision-making mechanisms, meetings and communication will be well-established and properly managed, resulting in quick processes, which can increase the speed and efficiency of the organization

The technical aspects of Oriana Low-Code platform

In the past years, Oriana Low-Code platform has proven itself for several clients (including large corporations); and it has more than 50,000 active users. The system of Effector:

  • Has an event- and process-driven approach​
  • Its process automation system, built on a low-code platform, is easy to learn and manage
  • It contains pre-built process templates, process portfolio and process version management, as well as reusable sub-processes
  • It supports sophisticated access rights management and the specification of user roles
  • It supports the preparation of spectacular statistics and reports
  • It allows the use of multiple languages
  • It can be easily integrated in any IT system
  • It is device-independent and provides mobile access​
  • It is independent of any operating system and manufacturer​
  • It makes application consolidation possible
  • It is scalable and flexibly adaptable to the needs of companies with different sizes​
  • It has an engaging, user-friendly interface​

End-to-end process digitalization

In the case of an Oriana Low-Code platform-based workflow, the particular steps of a business process can be taken over by a robot.
It performs the task, reports it when the task is completed, and then returns control to the workflow. 


Case study integrating Oriana Low-Code platform and UiPath RPA solution:

Take a look at our Robotic Process Automation solution!

Robotic Process Automation

Competencies and services

Overall project coverage


  • Project manager
  • Consultant​
  • Business analyst​
  • Tester
  • Test manager​
  • Quality assuror

Types of services:     

  • Strategic and conceptual planning​
  • QA​
  • Business analysis​
  • Requirements analysis​
  • Fit-gap analysis​
  • Business process management​
  • Development​
  • Defining the concept of testing and education​
  • Testing​
  • System and process audit​
  • System integration​
Certified RPA Developer
Robotic processes
OTP Bank
Budapest Bank
Whale Cloud

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